The Nurses in Bulgaria are Rising Up

Sjuksköterskorna i Karlovo förbereder sig inför protesten i personalrummet. Den ljusblå öglan har kommit att bli en viktig markering mot de svåra förhållanden som råder inom vården i landet, och vårdpersonal har burit dem under vårens protester i Bulgarien. Foto: Julia Lindblom

In Bulgaria, the healthcare sector is in a permanent crisis - there are no resources available, the probability of surviving a stroke is the lowest throughout the EU and healthcare workers are driven to work hard and long hours for little compensation.

On average, a nurse has a salary of less than 300 euro a month after taxes. But now nurses and health care workers in Bulgaria have started to self-organize all over the country.

The protests have been ongoing during the spring, and on the 11th of September they will protest again in Sofia for better working conditions and wages. The nurses wear a light blue loop for their cause, which is also seen when Daniela Ikimova from the little town Karlovo talks about her situation in the movie.

Read the reportage in Swedish.

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